Brick and Stone Veneer


Masonry veneer is the installation of single layers of masonry such as brick and stone on the exterior of walls. It offers no structural support and is installed primarily for aesthetic purposes.  Brick and stone veneers allow property owners to enjoy the appearance of brick and natural stone building accents at a much more affordable price. Aesthetics aside, a masonry veneer can be installed with airspace left between it and the surface of the building. This will enhance the energy efficiency of your building and save you money. We are the best masonry contractors in Billings, Montana.

Masonry Veneer vs Solid Masonry Walls
Before the advent of veneer, masonry used to be a very laborious job. After placing bricks or stones in order, masonry workers still had to seal them together perfectly with the use of mortar. And while they always appeared visually pleasing when installed correctly, ongoing maintenance needed to be done to keep them functional. Furthermore, since solid masonry served as the main support for the building, the damage or removal of any of the materials used affect the integrity of the whole building. Masonry veneer, on the other hand, is very easy to install and also removable.

Benefits of Stone Veneer
Stone veneer is a man-made stone designed to mimic natural stone. It is fabricated by baking Portland cement, iron oxide, pigments, and aggregates in textured molds. It can be used to either cover the entire surface of your building or as a decorative cover for a selected area such as its base. It is lightweight and can be purchased in any color or texture that suits your style. The transportation of stone veneer is cheaper than that of natural stones thanks to its much lighter weight. The installation process is simple and straightforward.

Benefits of Brick Veneer
The production of brick veneer is similar to that of solid masonry. But while a solid masonry building is made up of several wythes, a brick veneer consists of a single wythe. Brick veneers are produced in sheets and then cut to size on site. The installation can be completed in little time as it requires less labor. Brick buildings are not allowed in several areas due to their susceptibility to damage during earthquakes. But you may install a brick veneer after the construction of your code-compliant building. Brick veneers are available in a wide range of designs and also suitable for any architectural style.

Stone Veneer or Brick Veneer?
Both stone veneer and brick veneer offers amazing benefits that make it difficult to choose between the two. Each product has a high quality that is guaranteed to boost the visual appeal of your home or business place. What’s more? They will last for several decades with minimal maintenance. The incredible value they will add to your property will also increase its market price. To make your decision making easier, you may contact us to get a glimpse of the masonry veneers we have on display. Our employees will provide any additional information you may need.