Retaining Walls


Many property homeowners make the mistake of thinking their sloppy landscape is unusable. This is untrue. Rather than leveling the slopes to match the rest of your land, you should consider installing retaining walls. Retaining walls have always been the number one recommendation of landscapers for property owners having issues with undesirable slopes and uneven terrains. The primary function of a retaining wall is to support and hold soil in its place. It also serves as flood control and adds to the visual appeal of landscapes. We have the best hands in Billings, Montana, for the installation and repair of your retaining walls.

Protective Structure
When installed correctly, a retaining wall will serve as a protective structure for your home. By preventing the downward movement of the soil, a retaining wall will eliminate the risk of soil erosion and landslides. This will prove very beneficial during heavy rainfall as erosion is known to cause expensive damages. Also, the combination of a retaining wall and an efficient drainage system will prevent your basement from getting flooded. You will have peace of mind during heavy rainfall when your yard has the needed protection. You will save lots of money on repairs too.

Extension of Usable Space
It will be extremely difficult to carry out any form of construction on a sloppy or mountainous landscape. Thankfully, this problem can be solved with the installation of retaining walls. The spaces needed for walkways and patios can be created by installing retaining walls on unsafe and inaccessible areas. This will allow people to move around your property with ease. Also, a retaining wall will be a great idea if your home has a walkout basement. It will serve as excellent protection to the entrance of the basement. Finally, a retaining wall will make it possible to build a pool in a sloped backyard.

The versatility of retaining walls means that there are several ways by which they can be utilized in your yard. The materials that can be used in constructing a retaining wall include concrete, stone, and timber. You will also have the option of choosing from an array of shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes. So, you can be assured that you will get a design that compliments your home perfectly. An added benefit of the beauty and functionality offered by a retaining wall is that it will increase the market value of your property.

Ease of Maintenance
After installation, a retaining wall will last for several decades with very little maintenance. This is because the materials used in constructing retaining walls are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. That said, a retaining wall installed by inexperienced contractors will not last so long. You will also continue to spend lots of money on repairs. This makes it essential that you hire only qualified and experienced retaining wall contractors for the job. Finally, choosing locally available materials for the construction of your wall will make repairs easier and more affordable.