Walkways & Steps

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At Billings Masonry Pros, we have the skills and experience needed to construct high-quality structures on your property. We build standard walkways and steps that will make your yard more usable and accessible. These structures are perfect for both homes and businesses. They can be installed with different materials including concrete, bricks, and pavers. While several blogs say you can install these features yourself, it is much better to hire professionals to do the job. This is because a simple mistake in the installation process can cause serious problems. We are the best masonry contractors in Billings for the installation of walkways and steps.

You must do all you can to keep everyone that moves around your property away from harm. This includes your family, friends, workers, and guests. The addition of walkways and steps will make your outdoor space much safer. This is because while the gradual slope in your landscape may not appear steep, it will be risky for people to walk on it in shoes or sandals. Also, a walkway will make it safer to walk around your home at night and in wet conditions. You will have peace of mind knowing that your children and older family members are safe.

Curb Appeal
The presence of quality walkways and steps will help you to welcome guests into your property in style. Your visitors will be impressed by the organization of your landscape. But these structures are not just functional, they also add to the aesthetic value of properties. They can be constructed in different shapes, colors, and patterns depending on the design that suits your exterior. Furthermore, a home or business place with an increased curb appeal will also have a higher resale value. So, you will be making a profit if you ever sell your home.

A walkway and some steps will allow people to move around your property with more ease. They won’t have to go through the trouble of using your driveway or walking on your lawn to access your building. Wheelchairs and walkers will also become easier to operate in your yard. A damaged walkway or grassy slope will make life difficult for people making use of wheelchairs and walkers. They could easily get stuck or even fall off. So, by installing a proper walkway, you will be showing the old and injured people around you how much you care about them.

Low Maintenance
You will be able to keep your walkway and steps in good condition without putting in a lot of effort. You can clean them occasionally with the use of a pressure washer. Also, the proper installation of these landscape features will leave no room for the accumulation of snow and ice. You will be able to remove snow from your walkway and steps easily with the use of a snowblower or a shovel. And if you are making use of deicing products to get rid of snow, a well-built surface will ensure that it melts evenly.